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mga Mail

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Requires: Java 1.8 Runtime


mga Mail:

A simple Email Client wirtten in Java. Receive and send emails, use filter to organize your mails even when receiving. Create Folder for your Emails, Categorize you emalls, and  much more. 

Supports pop3

3 Downloadversions:

- simple jar file. Start from the console with: java -jar mgaMail.jar or if your OS supports: doubleclick on jar file

- Windows executable: jar file wrapped into a WIndows launcher

- WIndows Launcher + jar: Windows Launcher as extra exe and jar File. You can also Launche this jar direct from console


use on you own risk


Updates v0.5:

- Fix proposel popup: List are updated after displayed and email field is changed

- Signature Fields increased to 1024 characters

- Filtered Emails shown also in Inbox when new, fixed. Filtered and moved emails only visible in their target folder.

- increased size of Account settings panel to display all functions from HTML editor.

- updated the pause mode mweeper 


Update v0.5.1:

- Bug Fix: New emails data stored internal in wrong subfolder

- changed icon 'Switch view HTML <-> Text'


Update v0.5.2:

- New Feature: Search available. Search through actual folder or all folder. 

    Available options: search emails, subject, headers or complete email

mga Mail v0.5.3 (jar)
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