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This is the first documentation.


Requires: Java 1.8 / Java FX


Installation: no installation neccasary. Unzip only and doubleclick on the jar.


First Start: Select Settings - Options and enter your Musiclib, the Directory where all your Songs are saved. The Musiclib will be scanned. This take some time the first time. Do not import your Trackhistory during this scan.

You have to restart after finising scanning the musiclib and import of trackhistory. This point is marked for the next version to change !!



Switch through the Playlist with <alt> + 1 .. 10

Start/Pause Player : <alt> + p

Seek forward/backward : Arrows Left / Right

Include subdirs : Show the Songs included Subdirs from the Left Music-Lib tree

Random Proposal: In the menu Settings switch this option permanent on, in the left small toolbar only wehn clicked (one time)

MICRO-TOOLBAR (top left)

View lock : (toggle) Lock the View from the Playlist History (middle top area) and the Proposal browser (middle bottom)

Go to selected Playlist: When a song is selected all playlist where the song is found, are shown in the top right area. Select a Playlist and click this button. The view switched to the playlist

Switch view: Switch the Main browser between Songbrowser and Playlist view


MICRO-TOOLBAR(bottem right)

Just ten buttons to switch the playlists.


TOOLBAR (top right)

Save / Save all: Save your playlist as m3u or extended m3u.

Change Playlist name: Change the name of a playlist. Please use this when you want to use USB Export

USB Export: Choose a folder to copy the Files ftom the actual Playlist to this folder. The order will be keept by automatic adding numbers to the filename like 01_<filemname>.

This option can be disabled in the setting menu.



Used and Tested with Virtual DJ 7 and 8. If you have some other Software and Problems with import, please contact me and send me your history. So i can include thsi for the next version.



More coming soon ....

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