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Account Settings like pop3 and smtp Server you receive from your provider, also the used Ports and SSL settings. 

Accountpath: THe place where all email data are saved. Additional attachments are saved in an extra folder.


Del : Delete Email (move to trash)
Ctrl + m : Move selected Emails.
Ctrl + k : Change Category from selected emails
Ctrl + q : Show source from selected emails
Ctrl + r : mark as read
Doubleclick on mail opens it in an extra Window.
Ctrl + p : pause mode ... try it

Filter Manager:

Klick on the Accountname or the plus-icon to create a new filter.
Couror up and down to change order of filter.

- AND / OR: Only important if more than one condition is used, describes if you conditions are AND or OR compared.
- Skip rest: Skip checking filter if this one matched. Continues with next Email.

- Veryfied: These addresses are shown first in proposals.

Strg + B : Move address to Blacklist or from Blacklist


Use on ypur own risk


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